Evergreen Payments

"As you know I don't usually step out and make a public recommendation but if you, or anyone you know, is in need of a credit card processor, I would highly recommend Matt Lason at Evergreen Payments - (see his info below).

Matt set up a new account so quickly, painlessly, inexpensively, etc. - it was almost surreal. We have seen an immediate decrease in our costs by nearly $950 per month. He is responsive and genuine and I refer you to his services gladly.”

Trina R.

Evergreen Payments

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt Lason since 2010 and have experienced nothing but quality, stellar service. As a professional speaker it’s important to me to be able to process transactions on the go. As a small business owner I appreciate the lower fees.
When I speak to audiences of sales people and those in customer service, I often put Matt’s picture and contact information up on my power point slide when giving an example of someone who puts servicing clients ahead of everything else. He makes is easy to refer him!

Matt is the type of individual you want on your business transaction team. ”

Colleen C.

Evergreen Payments

"After 35 years in business we have had as you can imagine, have spoken to more processing sales rep than I can remember. Your talking points – no contracts, easy to read statements, next day deposits – were all nice, but they were not what sold me. Rather it was your comment that this was your business for the long haul – to put food on your family’s table – that impressed me the most. If you’ve made that serious a commitment then I can be comfortable knowing you appreciate how important it is to keep a customer – us.”

Rich M.